hope kids

Hope Kids is our children’s ministry for newborn through 3rd grade. In Hope Kids our children hear stories about Jesus, memorize scripture, work through a catechism, and build relationships through games and activities. For our 4th grade students and above we purposely include them in our main service to help them grow as disciples among the larger congregation. 

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Nursery (0-3)

In nursery class, we play a lot, read Bible stories, sing songs, and memorize a short Bible verse. Parents are welcome in the classroom.


Little Kids (4-8)

In the little kids room, we read and discuss stories from the Bible, memorize a simple catechism and memory verses that will help us as we go through life. We also learn fun songs and spend time playing with puzzles, making crafts, or enjoying some outdoor time with friends.


Big Kids (8+)

Big kids attend the service with their parents or caregivers. Special sermon notes pages and pens are available to help them with notebooking. Big kids are encouraged to sit together during service and help each other take notes.